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This is probably one of my favourite outfits recently that i've posted. Put your hands up if you're also a fan of lace up heels?

My hands are firmly up- but with one condition. I think lace up heels are totally amazing, like totally. But they can look a little less than amazing depending on what outfit you pair them with. Short short skirts and tight tight tops paired with these kind of shoes are less fashion forward and more try-hard. Paired with something simple and elegant however I think they add an edge that most heels don't offer. They also make it seem like you've made a huge effort when really you've stuck a pair of shoes on and left it at that. I mean its not even as if you actually tie them up yourself, theres a zip for a reason... so lazy people like me don't have to spend hours panting and puffing trying to get some shoes on.

Secondly, I absolutely love the colour of the dress, it reminds me of the colour of Cinderella's in the new film. But besides that little magical touch, its also super super wearable. I wore this outfit on a night out last night and felt completely relaxed. The loose fit meant that I could move easily yet still feel nice.

It is also super super flexible. When I tried the dress on in the shop I have leather look trousers on a white leather jacket and it just as easily went with that outfit for a daytime feel as it did with these heels (lush, right?!) for a more dressy approach.

The entire outfit, minus the clutch is from Marks and Spencers. The dress is from their Autograph collection and the shoes are Limited.


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