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WARNING: This post is not for the easily jealous. 

Recently I have become ultra obsessed with looking at home decor on Pinterest. Its like my number one hobby right now. Despite not having a house, a girl can definitely still dream,
and I plan on doing that. #goals right?! Whilst I may be super uncool for hashtagging that and solely undeserving of these beautiful homes as a result i'm still going to share the sh*t out of them, because they are too fabulous not to. Prepare to weep.

What a cute little idea is this? Combining all the kids rooms not only saves on space but also means they have to play together... its basically home decor that forces sibling bonding. Parenting success. 

Whilst its never going to be possible to completely recreate these rooms and not that I would want to either- your house has to say something about you not someone else. It is however possible to draw inspiration from them such as the way things are arranged, the use of colours, a particular piece of furniture that would add wonderfully to your own decor (if you're lucky and mature enough to have your own house that is- I fall into neither of these categories). My absolute favourite however is the dressing room pictured first. I mean... lush.

You can view all these pins (and their sources) on my 'Home Decor Inspiration' board on Pinterest by clicking here.


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