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From being very young, watching The Rachel Zoe Project was one of my favourite things to do. Rachel's ultra glossy and polished lifestyle called to me on so many levels; not only did it involve lots and lots of fashion, but it also showed personal style,
how to find your own signature look and most importantly what life is like for the albeit extremely successful stylist. A dazzling world of statement necklaces and fur I was immediately hooked. Its a serious must-see for any fashion-lovers.

Rachel Zoe to me personifies what I hope to achieve with my own style. Not so much in the sense that I want to dress EXACTLY like her 24/7 but more so in the sense that whenever I see her, on her show, on her blog, instagram, in magazines she always looks flawless. I don't mean that as in perfect. I mean polished- well put together- thought out. Her make up is always clean, her nails never chipped, her jewellery just right. All these things may seem small but are the things I notice and the things I firmly believe take your outfit to the next level as well as making you feel just that little bit better about yourself.

So, considering all this I was absolutely elated when I stumbled upon her YouTube series, 'The Extra 5'. Rachel, like me, a woman of my own heart, firmly believes in the idea that by spending that extra five minutes when you're getting ready to go out elevates your look and will make you feel better throughout the day. This could be as small as putting your not-so-fabulous hair into a topknot, adding lipstick, taking off that chipped red nail varnish and sweeping over a layer of quick drying clear (cause no nail varnish is better than overly chipped nail varnish).

My favourite video of the moment is The Extra Five: 8 Ways to Tie a Scarf

Scarfs are such an easy accessory that add a bit of flare to your wardrobe and by tying them differently they add completely different feels to your look. They are also key transitional pieces as Autumn is starting to draw a little closer and they are light and easy to take off yet add that little extra warmth around the chest and neck (depending how you're going to style yours- maybe you want to go for the belt or bracelet style instead). You can watch her video by clicking here.

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Zoe's styling tips don't stop here though, oh no. She deals with trench coats, dresses, summer style, make-up, glam on the go, airport style and plentyyyyyyy more. All from her expertly trained eye. And we have to remember, she's styling the likes of major celebrities so her advice is given for free(!!!!!) on her YouTube channel. Fashion world hail YouTube.



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