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Or Autumn, if you want to be real picky...

Fashion week in NYC is starting to come close to its end, and whilst I've been more than happy drooling over the new trends that will emerge next Spring over Instagram and online, the fact of the matter is we haven't even hit Winter head on yet. With inspiration from the new collections that are looking forward to the new season it can feel a little same-old-same-old walking around high street shops recently. Whilst the catwalks are displaying fresh and innovative designs, shops seem stuck. And by stuck, I mean stuck forty years in the past. Are we ever going to emerge from this 70s trend alive, or must all our wardrobes be covered in tan furs and an assortment of orange and peach colours till the end of time? Whilst I am partial to a bit of fur, enough is enough! 70s seems to be a trend that has taken stores by storm. Instead of being a section of a shop, this trend covers the entirety of the whole shop and there doesn't seem to be one store out there at the moment (at least that offer affordable prices) that are willing to separate themselves from this mould quite yet.

With that said, I've rounded up a few trends you may be willing to embrace, that step away from the 70s but are just as chic and desirable.

The Sky-High Waist

 You might not have noticed directly but waist lines are actually getting higher. This is not your usual high-waisted Jamie jeans from Topshop. Oh no. These waist lines climb way past the belly button in order to create an enhanced silhouette. Happily (especially for me and my fellow shorties), this new trend creates longer looking legs, slimmer physiques and even tinier looking waists. Sign me up immediately. Lauren Conrad's version is my favourite so far. By sticking to one solid colour, Lauren added extra emphasis and elegance to the look.

The Short Skirt is back

For a while the skirt has taken a step back. Long, flowy and often pleated skirts have dominated and whilst I do adore a midi skirt there is a time and a place. Autumn/Winter in England is not one of them. For one, they blow at the slightest gust of wind, cue breezy legs. Secondly, tights are a no-go when these are around. Introducing the mini-skirt twiggy would be proud of. Whilst short skirts are not new, they have been on vacation for a while. Well now its time to dig deep in your wardrobe and embrace the power of those legs, in the flesh or in tights, your choice.

One in, one out


These one shoulder wonders are one of my favourites. They add detail and excitement to what can be an otherwise altogether simple look. They draw attention to the collar bone and extenuate your face. They're bold and eye-catching. Worried about creases when you carry your bag on your arm? No more! Casual or dressy, this trend is capable of both.

The Turtleneck

Cold. Be gone. No only is this trend fashionable, its practical. Your mother is sure to be proud. The turtleneck is the thing this season.

The New Victorian

(Photo Credit:

Fashion inspiration from your mother? Try your great great grandmother darling. Lace, colars, bows and ruffles are all the rage. Adding modern silhouettes and leather creates a high-fashion modern look. My favourite of these looks in Giama's interpretation. Oh lace, how I love thee.

The Structured Shoulder Bag

More arm space to carry shopping bags. Everyone is a winner. This season is all about the smaller bag that keeps your hands and arms free. Monochrome and faux snake-skin prints are a must-have to perk up any wardrobe.


The Statement White Blouse

Classy and simple. This trend oozes elegance. Theres something extremely alluring about a simple white shirt that makes embracing this classic an easy transition.

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