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I recently got this dress from ASOS in the sale (you can find it here). It reminds me of a DVF style of print and because of that I instantly loved it. I decided to do this post because I know mixed prints, especially when they are on a dress and you're not actually mixing them yourself, can be daunting and sometimes hard to style in different ways. Granted, the first look I will probably sway more towards as autumn kicks in as the boots will no doubt make me hottttttt right now (i'll also probably add tights and a black wrap around coat). But, despite the boots, adding the belt and some gold heels instantly changes the shape and therefore the look of the dress. The belt I saw lying around in my mums room, its one of her old ones from when she was my age that she often gets me to try on with my own clothes now but I haven't really take to it properly until I paired it with this dress. I look the gold colour against the blue  and think the leather adds something a little edgier to the look,  be it with boots, flats or heels.

Dress: Vera Moda (ASOS)
Shoes: Zara
Boots: Dune
Belt: Vintage
Necklace: Topshop 

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